How will it feel to be photographed?

"We're not use to having our photo taken and we're a bit awkward" is a familiar line that most of our couples share with us. Have no fear, this is completely normal. We would be surprised if you weren't feeling at least a little awkward at first. It's not every day that you spend time in front of a camera capturing you and your connection to your partner. I too have felt concerned that I had my eyes half closed or the lighting was accentuating my least favourite features. Affection may be something that you find difficult to feel and convey with a camera pointing in your direction. I get it, we've been there before. Luckily you're in good hands.

I want you to have the best experience. One bright idea I had, was for me to leave my scary-self at home. I'll remind you that you don't need to prove your affection between you both to me, instead embrace the moment and share it with each other. Feel grounded and safe in each others company. The moment is all about you, forget about the gorgeous environment that we'll be photographing you in, and forget about any one else that may notice that I'm pointing some sweet camera gear in your direction. You'll start to relax and before you know it, you'll be having fun.

My job is to frame you with the best light and allow you space and time to be your authentic selves. To ease you in, I'll just get you moving and show you how I tend to wince my eyes as I press my face against the camera's view finder (so you don't get a shock if you catch me looking your way during the session). I'll give prompts and invite you to move here or there, face this way and that. I'll guide you and you'll guide me. That's how easy a photography session should be.